Microsoft Azure | 200Mb port | Fixed billing | locations: see Description


Microsoft Azure | 200Mb port | Fixed billing | Aavailable countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. For exact locations click here. Please add the address in the remarks field at the moment you want to express your interest to buy.

Products specifications
: 10538
: 23
: 200Mb
: €550.00
: €1500.00
: 12
: 1Gb
: We can provide our customers access through our network to this service at the following Azure locations: London and Amsterdam. In conjunction with an interconnection port and individual virtual circuits, vendor can offer a Reseller Interconnection port. These ports are only available for DC’s and Carriers who are reselling the cloud connect abilities to their end users. This option is only available on 10Gb interconnection ports and can be offered as: Limited port; 2Gb (max VLAN 10) or 5Gb (max VLAN 20) or Unlimited port; full 10Gb (max VLAN 50). Pricing is dependent on the amount of circuits which may be provisioned onto the Reseller port. Each ExpressRoute circuit consists out of connectivity to two Microsoft routers for redundancy purpose. - Azure Express Route Port: provisioned by Microsoft/Customer - Vendors Ethernet service: Vendor (dual) - Client/extended demarc: provisioned by vendor
: Euro
: Fixed billing
: Microsoft Azure
: see Description : see Description : see Description
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