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Registration is your first step on buying with TelcoPlace. After registration, you will be free to either bid or buy directly the seller's (well established telecommunication operators all over the world) products and services. 

When you bid (enter numbers only), or accept the fixed price, the TelcoPlace platform will inform the seller. The seller will contact you. Your bid or acceptance of a buy now price is non-binding.

Your bid or acceptance of a buy now price will be followed by a process of SLA, contract and practical agreements. Only after this process between you and the vendor the final agreed price will be communicated to TelcoPlace. Any fees are paid by the vendor only.

Please note, in some cases, bids will stand on zero, in these cases there is no minimal opening bid provided by the vendor. The quantity you order is the number of services you require.

The TelcoPlace team will help you wherever possible. If you have a question or request you might find the answer in the FAQ or you can send an email to us.

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