How do I bid on an RfQ?

The prospective seller can see the desired specification in the details-window of the RFQ item. There the seller can bid the price of the entire contract (for example for a one-year contract: MRCx12+NRC=quote). Additional information can be added to the comment field or added as a separate file (Click ‘Upload file’). 

When all relevant information is set, click ‘Send Quote’. The quote will be submitted to the purchaser for review, at the end time of the RFQ TelcoPlace will react with an acceptance or rejection to your quote.

Please note you can only quote active RFQ, each RFQ have a closing date, when that date has passed you are no longer capable of quoting.
The TelcoPlace platform offers a 'no cure, no pay' concept. The only charge, paid only by you, is a 7.5% addition to your sales price – when you are the winner of the RFQ.

As long as the RFQ runs, your quote will be available in your 'My TelcoPlace’, under ‘My quotes’

How do I publish a request for quotation?

Registration is your first step in publishing with TelcoPlace. 

After registration you are able to publish your requests for quotations. Placing an RFQ will be free of charge.

We need to know in which category or categories you wish to be published, inform us now by email: ​ We will send you a spreadsheet, on it are the needed specifications to present your RFQ on TelcoPlace. 
On completion (please allow us one business day), we will inform you. Your listings will be available in your 'My TelcoPlace’ under ‘My Listings’. RfQ's will remain on TelcoPlace until two days after closing date that is set by you.

Why publishing a Request for Quotation?

How do you know that your existing vendors will provide you with the best solution against the best price? You don’t! Maybe it is your competitor that gets the best solution against the best price only because he/she has access to the right vendor.

You as a purchaser need access to all relevant vendors.

That’s the reason all those telecom events are so popular. There you hope to find the right account manager for your demands. But is this model sustainable? Travel budgets are getting smaller and smaller. Our schedule is tighter and tighter. The number of players on the market is increasing. New entrants and new technologies bring new and cheaper solutions.

TelcoPlace created the option to publish requests for quotation for free. The selling vendor pays a small fee. The RfQ’s are public, you as purchasing company are anonymous until you decide to accept a quote and start finalizing the SLA and contract with the quotee.

How should I enter my quotes?

Be aware that input in TelcoPlace should be entered in numbers only for quotes and prices in all currencies. (so use 1001 instead of 1.000,99).

Analysis of quotes

When you react on a request for quotation, you will get an analysis of all quotes at the end of the RfQ.  Below you see an example of our feedback. This will provide you price comparison to other participants. 

All info is anonymous, no real names are reviled!