About us

 There is capacity available everywhere- and we know how to find it! 

TelcoPlace is a business to business marketplace. TelcoPlace is the selling platform for all the telecommunication data services where demand is difficult to find or margins of profit do not encourage the high cost of sales. The services and products are available in a wide variety of prices and all locations.

The TelcoPlace team knows how to immediately locate all the world-wide services.
TelcoPlace is your neighbor’s attic. It is crammed with goods and services which are ready to be divested or sold. There may be many reasons they are hidden: a small sale force; sales not being compensated for specific products; companies’ targets changing and so many more minor but significant issues. Nevertheless, we will find them.

TelcoPlace facilitates companies in selling and buying telecommunication services.

TelcoPlace is an independent E-commerce initiative for the wholesale telecoms market. TelcoPlace is a marketplace with a low threshold, disruptive sales channel, low cost of sales and a huge reach. 

TelcoPlace understand the value of anonymity. In a small market all big players know each other; we can preserve your anonymity when it is important to be anonymous. The parties only reveal themselves after agreement is reached on the product and price. TelcoPlace model is a no cure no pay model in this case.

TelcoPlace offers the option for branded listings as well. In that case we ask for a small fee per listing per year.  

In both models the final contract is only between the vendor and the purchaser. 


Company Information and Contact Details

TelcoPlace was founded in 2015. The founding team consists of four very experienced and enthusiastic professionals: Fred Wichard (initiator), Paul van Alphen (operations) and Dana Kellerhuis (sales & marketing).  

Our contact details:

  • Business Name: TelcoPlace B.V.
  • Business Address: Schiehavenkade 28, 3024 EZ Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Email: team@telcoplace.com
  • Phone: +31 85 3035 325
  • Primary Line of Business: Telecom