100Gb port Amsterdam (Equinix AM7)


100Gb port Equinix AM7 Amsterdam

There is a number of requirements and conditions that all future members/customers have to comply with before connecting to the sellers peering platform:

  1. You must represent a recognised legal entity (a company).
  2. Your network must have an ASN (Autonomous System Number) - The applicant's network must have its own ASN assigned by a Local Internet Registry or a Regional Internet Registry, being either RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, ARIN. During the application process this assignment is checked.
  3. The primary function of your business (unit) must be Internet related - The URL you provide during the application should provide the proof of the Internet business activity you are in.
  4. You must have an agreement with the chosen colocation or be known to them in case of a remote connection.
Products specifications
: 1590
: 13
: 100Gb
: €5000.00
: 3
: 4 weeks
: Ethernet
: Amsterdam : Kuiperbergweg 13 : 1101 AE : Equinix AM7 : Netherlands
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